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Name Number Location Bids
Tiger Nixon (888)-123-2324 Edinburgh 61
Garrett Winters (233)-534-1342 Tokyo 63
Ashton Cox (554)-654-2342 San Francisco 66
Cedric Kelly (415)-277-4532 Edinburgh 22
Airi Satou (888)-123-2324 Tokyo 33
Brielle Williamson (554)-654-2342 New York 61
Herrod Chandler (988)-123-1231 San Francisco 59
Rhona Davidson (415)-277-4532 Tokyo 55
Colleen Hurst (973)-213-1254 San Francisco 39
Sonya Frost (862)-153-2462 Edinburgh 39
Jena Gaines (233)-534-1342 London 30
Quinn Flynn (888)-123-2324 Edinburgh 22
Charde Marshall (233)-534-1342 San Francisco 36
Haley Kennedy (888)-123-2324 London 43

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  • 3. Wait for email confirmation of the status of the bid and notification if you have been awarded the new contract.

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Submitting a Bid

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